Church Staff

In a small church, everyone needs to help out, but we rely on a few folks for their expertise.

Glen & Jayne Lash


Glen and Jayne lead the Lay Servant Ministries Team for the Ohio River Valley District. With this role, the District is trying an innovative leadership plan with our church. The Lashes, with the LSM team, will be taking over our Pastoral Leadership, and working with our congregation to build our future. Jayne and Glen live in Cheviot, Ohio.

Pastoral questions can be received via:

Denny Simpson

Music Director

Denny has attended E-town UMC since before birth. When he started piano lessons at 7 years old, he practiced on the church's piano. Now, many years later, he continues to play on the church's piano, organ, and a myriad of other instruments he adds to his collection every year. Denny, his husband, and their cats live in North Bend, Ohio.

Denny can be reached via:

Anna Lattire

Facilities Manager

Anna has been a part of this church since not long after birth. She's done it all, from Sunday School helper, to J-Kids teacher, to Worship Leader, to taking care of keeping the church clean. Without her dedication, we'd be in a heap of trouble. Anna and her husband recently welcomed their first kiddo, Sophia, in the to world! Anna and her family live in Greendale, Indiana.