At the 2022 Church Conference we approved the following statement, regarding our commitment to the United Methodist Church, and our goal to continue being a welcoming home for ALL people

During these times of discernment in United Methodist Churches, we at Elizabethtown United Methodist Church affirm our commitment to remain part of the United Methodist Church.

We feel we are stronger in our connection, than we would be moving to another denomination or operating independently.

In our commitment to remain United Methodists, we will continue

being a welcoming church for ALL people. Showing grace to others as our Lord has shown grace to us.

We will be the home for those that feel they cannot worship in

another church; whether because of decisions in the Methodist

denominations, because of how they live or who they love, or

because of location.

We recognize we may not all be the same, but we can all work

together and love each other for the differences we have.

All are welcome here, belong here, and are loved here.